In Denver and Loving It!

We arrived in Denver after ten and half hour drive from Sioux Falls. We left in a very heavy fog around 5:30 am CST, and we arrived 3:30 pm MST. We checked in at Marriott Courtyard hotel right next to Stapleton New Town. We went straight to Denver’s world famous LoDo district which blew us away. There was so much good about the district ��many well-behaved buildings there. “Well-behaved? What the…? They ain’t kids, y’know?

I know. When a building is well-behaved, it does not matter what architecture it has � modern or traditional ��but it totally respects the streets it fronts on. Examples of buildings badly behaving are big bland boxes with no windows facing streets and parking lot in the front of building rather in back. To be sure, we saw some not so well-behaved buildings there… one of them an old apartment building and, surprise, surprise, an Office Depot store. Shame on you, Office Depot. That building is ugly, bland, faceless and should be quickly scheduled for an appointment with a wrecking ball.

Anyway, we loved it there! We ate at P.F. Chang’s Bistro, then walked around for a while. We came back to Stapleton area and drove through the new town center. We’re not impressed. :-( Beautiful, doll-like houses and some cool modernist townhomes and lofts, but all of that did not “blend in” seamlessly. Unfortunate.

Tomorrow morning, we will be meeting Peter Swift, our town planner, and John Dickinson, our deaf architect who knows Special Needs stuff by heart at Prospect New Town in Longmont. We will then visit Bradburn Village, Reunion, Highland Gardens and possibly one other town.


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