Back from Denver, Colorado

We got back from Denver, Colorado, and our trip there was successful. We had a good meeting with our town planner, Peter Swift. We visited several new towns and neighborhoods. There was something to like in each development, but unfortunately, there was also much not to like. One of the primary reasons why these new developments don’t get built to full New Urbanist principles is the existing town codes, authority and approvals process gets a bit complicated. We do not anticipate the same problem in McCook County. Hopefully! We’re working very hard to keep our ties with great folks living in McCook County, and M.E. Barwacz meets with the communication committee on last Thursday of the month. There has been 2 meetings thus far, and they have been great.

We also met with a new law firm this morning, and we came away impressed with their willingness to figure things out with us. We discussed primarily on how we can best structure The Laurent Company’s securities offering for interested investors. We need to meet with one more attorney before we decide on which one.

All in all, this has been very productive week for us. Next week, I will be going on a family vacation at Camp Lakodia in Madison, S.D. and I look forward to it because we’ll even be more busy in the next few months ��or should I say years to come?

Some have inquired for job opportunities available within our company, and we’re not hiring yet. M.E. and I are still the only principals and employees in the company. Once we start raising capital, we anticipate hiring a real estate financing expert/accountant, architect, marketing and sales director, and few other key positions. We are looking at also hiring a full time grant writer/director for The Laurent Institute as well.

If you think you could be a good match for us, please feel free to e-mail us your cover letter and resume. We’ll keep it in our file.

And also, the weather here has been perfect… very cool and sunny! Not great for swimming, although. I’m not complaining because I’m not much of a water person! :-)


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