Back home, got preliminary infrastructure support

The workshop at NAD Conference went very well! We had over 52 people in attendance, and the people left the room excited about the future of Laurent, South Dakota.

To this date, we have lined up informal commitments from electrical, telecommunications and water companies to provide infrastructure for the town of Laurent. This is significant because this allows us to move forward with the development more quickly. Infrastructure development is one of the biggest costs associated with building communities and towns.

Not only that, both electrical and telecommunications providers are cooperatives which means you as a resident of Laurent would become a voting member of these companies.

We now have two meetings this week with our lawyers and a banker, and we’re still working on our third draft of our business plan � greatly expanding the data and sources as well as improving the readability of the plan itself.

Two pieces of land at our first choice site are currently listed for sale, and we hope we can put together financing to secure all pieces of land we need… soon!

Miles to go before we sleep, but we’ll get there before you know it!


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