Great Meeting with TM Rural Water System Last Night

Last night at 8 p.m., M.E., our interpreter Monique Roberts and I drove to Parker, S.D. to present the concept of Laurent to the board of TM Rural Water System. They are a special government district, similar to a public school system, that governs the water use in several counties including McCook County.

We were impressed by the warm welcome and willingness to hear us out. M.E. introduced herself briefly then turned over to Marvin for the 45-minute presentation on the town and the idea behind it. We then fielded many good questions afterwards.

We all agreed to work together on identifying specific growth plan and the expected water use in order to better know what requirements we will have. We will be making a formal request to them to provide water service to the new town of Laurent.

Again, we’re very pleased with our progress on Laurent. The business plan continues to be a good work out for us, and we had hoped to grab a good model development pro forma from one source. We haven’t heard from them yet. Hopefully soon. :-)

Also, we’ve been in touch with Cendant Hotels (Super 8, Travelodge, Wingate, Amerihost Inn, etc.), McDonald’s, and Mr. Goodcents franchises. We have received positive responses from them regarding the site. If any of you reading this are financially qualified to own and operate one of these franchises, please contact us so we can ensure you get your “spot” in the Phase 1 or beyond.


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