Pictures from Our Tour of Clover Field in Chaska, Minnesota

M.E., my two kids ��Stefania and Alec, and I took a day trip to Chaska, Minnesota to visit a new development called Clover Fields. It was an interesting visit because the new houses looked nice and a bit “sterile”. One unique approach was taken to keep the costs down was to construct load bearing walls in a factory in Wisconsin and hauled to Minnesota and constructed with cranes. The total build out time from start to end is 60 to 85 days. Now at this new development, you’d notice that the trees are so young. It would take 10 to 20 years before the neighborhood looks “real”. We’ll face the similar challenge with building Laurent because we’ll be building everything from scratch. There are many pluses to this approach. We all get modern homes with traditional look that encourages the small-knit community feel. Enjoy!







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