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Great Time at Seattle DeafNation Expo

Monday, September 20th, 2004

We had a great time at Seattle DeafNation Expo. Our booth, although frugal, did attract attention of the attendees, and we had half full theater for my 45-minute presentation. I covered as much as possible in the presentation, yet when I finished, I found myself saying, “Darn! I did not mention this or that.”

I am still glad for the opportunity DeafNation Expo affords us to bring the vision and excitement of building of world’s first sign language town in McCook County, South Dakota.

We stayed pretty busy all day answering people’s questions and giving out materials for their review. At the end of day, we’re pretty tuckered out. We took a red-eye flight on Northwest Airlines back home. We decided we’ll never do that again! :-D

Here’s two photos of the show, and we’re now busy gearing up for DeafNation Expo at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.




Preparing for Seattle DeafNation Expo

Monday, September 13th, 2004

We’re preparing for our trip to Seattle DeafNation Expo this coming Saturday, and we’re very excited to be presenting our vision of Laurent, South Dakota. This represents our largest “public gathering” in one place thus far. Most of our town hall meetings had crowds of 30 to 80 people.

We’re working on marketing materials for the Expos so people who are interested can take materials with them home to read and review. We will also make available color prints of the 22-page overview: “A Place of Our Own: Laurent, South Dakota” for a fee at the Expo.

We have made a very positive contact with a New Urbanist developer in Georgia, and we will be flying there by the end of September. Maybe we’d need to schedule a town hall meeting for the local signing community?

Again, the work is still progressing, and we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made thus far! We hope to see more people send in their reservations. We’re at number 62 now.