Master Plan Charrette Rescheduled

We had hoped that we would be able to acquire the land we need by last Friday, and some complications arose. We are now looking at some other options. We have always listed 3 possible sites in McCook County (Canistota, Salem and Bridgewater exits), and Salem has taken themselves out of the competition because the high price they are asking.

We continue to be open to all possible options, and we have scheduled our master plan charrette in the first quarter 2005. More information will be forthcoming when we are ready to make our announcement. We anticipate to be able to keep our ground breaking goal in the spring or early summer 2005.

Our realtor is working hard on making sure we acquire land parcels at a fair price for everyone involved.

Our work continues, and we also will have a town hall meeting at Gallaudet University which is OPEN to the public next week. We are waiting for the final confirmation from Student Body Government representative before we announce the date, time and place. We’ll send out e-mail soon!

We’re disappointed that we could not have the master plan development happen this November, but we do feel great about our prospects of getting everything ready in time for March. We continue to get support and positive encouragement from you. Keep them coming!

This is not an easy work, but we know it is well worth the effort!


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