Quiet, but active! We’re still working behind the scenes

Hey everyone! It does look as if we have stopped working. Not so. We’re still working “behind the scenes”, and things are moving forward for Laurent, S.D. We hope to make some announcements within the next few weeks. Progress is being made on land negotiations as well as growing reservation list. We now have 82 families on the list.

We continue to meet with people � investors, architects, planners and lawyers.

In the meantime, M.E. and I have bought two homes in Salem, S.D. A small town of 1,300 people about 3.5 to 7 miles from either two potential sites of Laurent. These homes are a great buy for us, and we hope to move there in the next two months. Some work is needed on these.

We anticipate making Salem “our home” until the town of Laurent gets built.


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