What would you like to see built at Laurent, S.D.?

We just got back from Tampa, Florida where National Association of the Deaf Board meeting took place. M.E. and I presented to the group, and it was well-received. The board voted to support The Laurent Company’s efforts to build the town. We’re very grateful for a such show of support because building a town is not one person’s job… it takes a community to do this right.We went to visit Celebration, Florida near Orlando, and it is a New Urbanist town developed by Walt Disney. It is a very successful new town, yet the look and feel of the town wasn’t what we were looking for. The whole project still felt too “suburban”, and we were disappointed with what we saw. There were some wonderful design examples, and the town center itself is very colorful and vibrant. Yet, we felt it was still too “auto-oriented”. Cars actually outnumbered the people on sidewalks.I still think modeling after the Old Quebec or the best of small towns in Europe is the way to go. In England, they built a new town that actually looked and felt authentic. Poundbury Village.At any rate, I would love to hear some feedback from you. Can you imagine living in a very dense and walkable town where you don’t need to depend on card to get you to places? Have you visited some great towns and cities in Europe that you feel could be a great example for us? Share your thoughts! E-mail me at [email protected].

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