End of the day two… Wow.

Charrette day 2 rolled to an end for us at midnight, and there are a couple of planners still working here. Most have gone to bed. We have seen some great site plan sketches whittled into 2 alternate plans that is being fleshed out in detail for tomorrow morning.

I will post some more images of the plans tomorrow morning. I’m just humbled and grateful for the planners and all participants working, dreaming and visualizing what’s to be in Laurent.

We also had a very exciting meeting with McCook County Commissioners with residents from the county as well. There were some concerned farmers who lives near Laurent. They brought to our attention the challenge that we will have to acknowledge and work on together. Farming is and can be noisy (not a problem for us deaf folks!), smelly, brings flies and some other problems. They were very concerned ��after all they have been there for years or even generations � that us new folks moving into the town will eventually complain of the nuisance the farming brings and sue them into oblivion. Also, some expressed genuine concern that Laurent may negatively impact the some of the businesses in Salem and other neighboring cities.

That was very educational and humbling experience for me � I left that meeting having really learned something. We’re committed to working together to address these concerns. We may not be able to solve every problem, but we will definitely be aware of them and find ways to minimize these impact.

At any rate, thank goodness for the charrette because it invites and seeks out public participation so we can try to work together and address the challenges.

Wish y’all were here, though. :-) We’ll put up some more pictures tomorrow.


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