Tax Day… No worries for me.

I did my tax returns a while back ago. :-) I’m staying home today taking care of my youngest son, Warrick (21 months old). I may walk to our office later today for a hour or two.

We have been busy working on greatly expanded FAQs for the web site as well as new “schedule” for planning, engineering, constructing and finally moving into Laurent. We will post that on our web site today.

People Magazine may run a story on Laurent next week or in the next three weeks. So keep your eye out for that magazine. :-)

We will also be sending out the e-newsletter soon. We have seen our free newsletter subscribers nearly double to over 700 subscribers. Having all the publicity has been good for Laurent, but we’re more focused on getting the town actually built. That would “break” the psychological barrier we have within our community that “we can’t do it”. Yes, we can! The only way to do that is to actually build the town.


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