Opposition’s concerns and The Laurent Company

Yesterday was a hard day for us emotionally because we learned of a group opposing the construction of Laurent in McCook county were voicing their concerns to the McCook County Commission.

As you can read in the recent article in The Mitchell Daily Republic (the blog entry below this one), the opposition wanted to make clear that they do not support the development of new town and they asked some questions that haven’t been answered in depth.

We appreciate the fact that they are here first, and we have always made it clear that we want to be “adopted” by the local community � we do not want to force our way in. We held several public meetings to share information and answer questions.

We moved and opened the office in Salem so we could be available to anyone who wants to ask questions or express their concerns or even shout at us. (Not that it would work on me being deaf and all… but I’d get the gist of the message!)

At any rate, we will be addressing their concerns and questions soon. We will be asking around on how to best achieve this � hold another public meeting, mail out a newsletter/letter or a combination of both?

We agree that The Laurent Company needs to do a better job of communicating the benefits of building Laurent in McCook County. We got some work to do! We are confident that by working with the commissioners and the local residents, farmers, and business owners, we will get many concerns resolved.

Why? Because we will be living here, and we also care about what happens in McCook County and to our neighbors and their way of life.


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