Some answers to rumors going around…

We’ve heard some pretty interesting rumors that have been going around in McCook County lately. I thought I’d address some of the really “out there” ones.

1. No, The Laurent Company is not being funded by any religious group, including my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. The group that is funding us are doing this for a combination of humanintarian and investment reasons, and we’re very fortunate to have contacted this group through a father of deaf daughter.

Anyway, my partner and CEO, M.E. is Catholic and she’ll have a stroke if this ever happens. :-)

As for funding, we will have the bank representative speak to the Commissioners verifying that we do have enough funding to see this town through — so the county won’t get stuck with partially developed land. Even if we were to disappear unexpectedly, the improved land (with infrastructure, etc) will still represent a good value for any other developer to take over. This will not happen, and I do understand that assurances will have to be given.

And, no… financing this will not bankrupt the local bank. The banks avoid risk like a plague. They must see that every risk is addressed satisificatorily before they do a project. Not only that the First Dakota Bank is financing this, they are working with a larger, national bank as well.

2. “Someone working for The Laurent Company from New York has been telling some business people in Salem, “Don’t bother trying to run your business - Laurent will just close you down.”

Huh? We don’t even have anyone working for us from New York. That rumor is just plain untrue. We have worked very hard to promote healthy county-wide and regional growth. We CARE about what happens in McCook County and that goes for Salem, Canistota, Bridgewater, Montrose and Spencer as well as the farmland around them.

In fact, we firmly believe Laurent will actually bring MORE business to surrounding cities. Currently, the highway traffic does not stop at Salem or other nearby cities. Laurent will capture them, then from there, we could work with local businesses in advertising what’s available around via billboards, handouts, directory, and so on.

There’s more, and we have gathered many facts, quotes and information in response to many concerns that have been raised in the past few days. We will be sharing that information very soon.

For those who support us, please contact McCook County Commissioners and let them know you do support us. We will do everything we can to share the real facts with all residents of McCook County. They deserve a well-informed choice. We appreciate many warm words of support and encouragement from y’all folks in the past few days.


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