Well, well… what do you know?

Yesterday, I went to Salem Farmers Market (a local grocery store), and guess what I found? Yup, Breyer’s All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream! A few days ago, I asked the store clerk if they would be willing to add that to their stock. Apparently they did! And also, I asked them to add soy milk and they did a few weeks ago.

I guess: Ask and ye shall receive. Next on my list:

1. Huggies Pull-Ups

2. Natural Frito Lays Cheetos and Doritos

3. Country Choice Organic “Oreo” cookies (they’re so delicious! No trans fat, no refined sugars, artifical colors or preservatives)

I think I’ll be all set for a while. Ginger root, fresh green onions, fresh herbs, and others… maybe.


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