On a road trip for next 2 weeks

I was disappointed with the Commissioner’s decision not to vote on the ordinance yesterday — they could have gone ahead and voted on it then make revisions in the first and second readings before going for the final vote. This is a delay that frustrates The Laurent Company, BUT we can understand why. The commissioners want to do this the right way, and I agree. I do not want us to “bulldoze over” the concerned neighbors — I think it is important that we address these concerns in a series of meetings so everyone can feel: 1. they have been heard, 2. there are solutions, 3. and progress made towards being good neighbors. We can’t be a good neighbor if we don’t consider their fears and concerns, and there are valid ones. Also, we understand that it is not possible to make everyone happy — but there are ways to reach a consensus.

For instance, the livestock farmers located within 1 mile of the “proposed municipality” will run into legal problems and be forced to move back their farms, despite the fact they were here first! Yet, the proposed town will be great for McCook County in terms of economic development and many other reasons. Does this mean one has to lose so the other can win?

No, we’re working towards a solution that will be win/win for everyone. One possible solution: Work with USDA and State of South Dakota to come up with finanacial assistance grants to help the local farmers in costs of relocating their livestock operations or convert into other types of farm that is more compatible being next to a town (crops, greenhouse, etc.)

That’s just one idea being floated right now. Bottom line: We’re committed to making this happen the right way. Easy? No. Fast? Heck, no! Frustrating, yeah. But that’s part of the process.

I’m taking my 4 children on a road trip to see our family in Missouri and Michigan, and we will be gone for the next 2 weeks. See you later!


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