New Planned Development Ordinance in works

The new ordinance will be brought to Commissioners’ table on August 30th for their review and they plan to have first reading on September 6th then second reading on 13th. Everyone is generally pleased with the new ordinance including the concerned citizens of McCook Citizens United. We all sat at the table together to discuss our views and concerns with how we want to protect the county’s prime agriculture lands yet enable growth to come in a better fashion.

We’re looking forward to the meeting on August 30th. We also would encourage you to come and join us on Tuesday, September 6th for the first reading of the new ordinance. The meeting usually starts at 1 pm and it takes place at the McCook County Courthouse on third floor.

On not so great note, this does mean The Laurent Company will not be able to break ground this fall. We are now prepared to break ground in early Spring of 2006. We are optimistic of the town’s growth and success as well as its positive impact on the county as a whole in terms of greater tax base, lower tax burden for everyone, greater choices in shopping, entertainment and dining, and more economic opportunities for everyone.


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