Upcoming Presentations on Laurent, South Dakota

I just got back from Los Angeles for my dear friend’s wedding — it was a quick 3-day trip for my wife and myself. The wedding was beautiful, and the city of Los Angeles… ah, well. Let’s say we saw a lot of traffic.

Seriously. More traffic than I have ever seen anywhere else.

Anyway, Northeastern University Deaf Club at Boston, Massachusetts has invited me to fly to Boston this Wednesday, September 21 to present on the vision of building world’s first fully integrated town.

On Tuesday, September 27th, I will be in Minneapolis/St. Paul for Deaf Culture Salon starting at 7 pm at St. Paul College Auditorium. 235 Marshall Ave., St. Paul.

Thursday, October 13th, I will be in Athens, Georgia at University of Georgia for a 2 hour presentation with Q & A session.

We also have a presentation in San Diego, California this coming January 27th, 2006. More information will be forthcoming.


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