Presentations in Boston and St. Paul, MN Well Attended

Both presentations was well attended. The one at Boston was probably attended by over 150 people, and Deaf Culture Salon at St. Paul Technical College had 177 people.

Boston was beautiful for us — the urban form and active lifestyle… the fact we could walk almost anywhere and get on the T, Boston’s subway system and go to Northeastern University, P.F. Chang’s in Theatre District and a brisk stroll through the historic Beacon Hill. Wow, what a beautiful city!

St. Paul was different — the college was right next to the famous domed Cathedral — and I was told that both cathedral and the state capitol is the closest domed structure found anywhere in the world.

I created a new presentation using Apple Keynote software for St. Paul, and I will be using that and tweaking that from now on.


Northeastern University presentation. Marvin Miller, left, with certified deaf interpreter on the stage.


Mike Cashman introduces Marvin Miller for the Deaf Culture Salon at St. Paul, Minnesota.


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