Trip to Finland was wonderful!

My trip to Helsinki, Finland, then Stockholm, Sweden (for a day) and Tallinn, Estonia (for a day, too) went so beautifully. I was actually comfortable there… Even though they do speak, write and read Finnish there, I was able to read restaurant menus and almost everything else in English. They do require their kids to learn Finnish and English, and I believe Swedish so communicating with everyone there was fairly straightforward — just write in English!

The presentation at the Lighthouse, headquarters of Finnish Association of the Deaf and World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) went well and it was covered by Finland’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, and Finnish Sign Language TV on ( then click on Viikko viitottuna -l�hetys.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the medieval Gamla Stan (the old Stockholm) and Old Town Tallinn — they are amazing, and they have a lot of elements we would want to see built in Laurent. I took a lot of pictures and plan to share them with our planners and architects.

As for the update on zoning, we were hoping that two critical pieces would fall in place a few weeks ago, but alas, they have not yet. We are diligently working on them as we speak. We expect that everything will be finalized soon. Days, perhaps. Then you will see more news coming out of The Laurent Company. :-)

We are really excited because once these pieces are in place, we will move forward rapidly to build the town — we’re still aiming to break ground as soon as possible.


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