Laurent Town Crier #18

Quietly working behind the scenes

Things have been busy at The Laurent Company recently. We hope to soon be adding more people to our staff and that will allow us to stay in touch better with all of you. We apologize for not providing more timely updates, and we appreciate the concern and support everyone has shown us thus far! We WILL build Laurent, and the visible signs of progress will begin again soon enough. You can keep the e-mails of support coming and as always, we appreciate that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. No denying it, building a town is a lot of work, but we believe that both YOU and our goal are worth it!

Document the Building of Laurent, SD

We have chosen, or should I say, we were chosen by, the Sioux Falls photographer, Cedric Chatterley to do the black and white still pictures showing the people and the building of our new signing town. We are excited to have him take this huge responsibility and document it for the entire world to share.

The film documentary will be done by IWC Media. This award winning documentary group has been in contact with us for many months and we have signed a contract with them. Simon Gilchrist visited with us this past fall. We were very comfortable working with him. He is the Development Producer for IWC. He lives and works in London and spends a lot of time traveling, working on many different projects. We are very happy to add both of these gentlemen to TLC�s hard working, circle of friends.

Presentation at San Diego

Marvin Miller and his staff interpreter, Monique Roberts, will be presenting the vision of Laurent, S.D. this Friday January 27, 2006 at 7:00 pm at Kroc Community Center, 6605 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92115. (http:// . Marvin continues to be available for public presentations, and you can contact Deb Kuglitsch, our Community Outreach Director, at [email protected] to make arrangements for Marvin Miller or M.E. Barwacz (voice 605-425-3380), to come and make a presentation to your group.

We�re pleased to announce there are 156 families on our reservation list. Remember, we now accept private reservations as well. You can download the form, fill it out and mail or fax it to us today.

Thank you!

Marvin Miller and M.E. Barwacz

The Laurent Company


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