Interesting Statistics Point to Why We are Building Laurent

Here’s some statistics:

** Before ADA became a law, 63% of disabled people were unemployed.

Today, over 65% are still unemployed.

From Inc Magazine, October 2005: “But while the ADA improved the treatment of people with disabilities in many tangible ways–think curb cuts and wheelchair ramps–its legacy with respect to employment has been mixed. In fact, since the ADA went into effect, employment among people with disabilities has declined. Between 1990 and 2004, employment rates dropped by 30% for people with disabilities, according to research conducted by Andrew J. Houtenville, a researcher at Cornell University (see chart). “And this in a time frame when employment rates for other people increased,” notes Pamela Loprest, of the Urban Institute.”


** 500,000 elected public officials in the U.S. including local, county, regional, state and federal levels.


We have zero.

We used to have one — Bruce White on a local school board.

If we are to use an old statistic of 250,000 to 500,000 signers in the U.S. and Canada, and I’d assume that at least 250,000 are deaf signers themselves living in this country. Extrapolate that with the total American population of 298,353,672 today according to Census, we get 0.084%. With the 0.084% of 500,000 public elected officials, the grand total of elected deaf officials should stand at 418!

418, yet we have a grand total of 0.

** Estimated 25% of the world population receive no education at all today, according to

Estimated 80% of deaf children in the world receive no education according to World Federation of the Deaf’s survey and report.

What I don’t have is statistics on:

** Percentage of big screen theaters captioned

** Percentage of medical services being fully accessible to the deaf/hoh

** Percentage of mental health services being fully accessible to the deaf/hoh

** Ratio of skilled interpreters to deaf and hard of hearing people in the country

** Number of deaf/hoh on SSI/SSDI

** Percentage of deaf/hoh population on SSI/SSDI

** Number of college graduates for deaf/hoh

** Number of gainfully employed colleged educated deaf/hoh today and the income breakdown

** Number of deaf/hoh home owners vs renters

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