New Web Site for Gallaudet Protest

I wanted to quickly let y’all know that there’s new web site set up by faculty, staff, students and alumni concerning the protest at Gallaudet University.

Monique and I are in St. Louis, MO now, resting up before tonight’s presentation at St. Louis Community College. It’s good to be here. On our flight from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis, I sat next to Ben Soukup, CEO of CSD and it was really nice to be able to talk with him. I am concerned for him and his team at CSD as they undergo a difficult time now, not to mention the employees and their families that have been recently laid off. I hope they will weather this and come out stronger and wiser. Some people may wonder, “How do I support one of world’s largest deaf-run non-profit organization?” You could by using their video relay service at

Ben mentioned that he was flying to Gallaudet for Board of Trustees meeting, and I shared with him my hope for a healing, positive resolution. I have high respect for Dr. I. King Jordan, and I also have high respect for many of the people behind the protest. I do believe they have a valid point regarding the search process being flawed from the get go.


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