Whole Foods Market, Chuck E. Cheese and Sushi Bar… Wow!


I’m in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania for 3 days to help evaluate TDI’s newly developed course for emergency responders and deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, deaf blind and other consumers. The workshop is HIGHLY informative and effective because its delivered to both consumers and professional "first responders", i.e., firefighters, EMT, police and their leaders. I highly recommend everyone to take this training when its made publicly available some time after the final review by Department of Homeland Security. You can find more information at TDI’s CEPIN web site.

 Anyway, I was salivating for something sweet and I remembered there was a Whole Foods Market near my hotel so I drove there. And I found my DREAM sequence of stores! There was Whole Foods Market, then a Chuck E. Cheese and a Sushi Bar after that! You can’t beat that combination, nosireee! Drop the kids off then go eat sushi and pick up fresh items from WF Market. Ok, ok, I wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to drop my kids off completely by themselves. That’s what grandmas are for. Say, M.E…. my kids need more quality time with their nana…


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