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Map.jpg, originally uploaded by LaurentSD.

We’re now on a family vacation to Michigan, visiting our relatives and enjoying the scenery — well, we see only trees and trees. :-) It’s good to be visiting our home state, yet we realize that we have grown to love South Dakota even more with its open skies and spaces.

Our funding for Laurent has not arrived yet — if it did, we’ll be sure you’ll be one of the first ones to know via this blog and newsletter! They tell us things are looking very good, yet we are guarded. We have been told this before.

As for the map, you can see our web site traffic comes from almost all over the world in just a week — this was a snapshot of one week’s activity (or was it a day?). Amazing.

2 Responses to “Map.jpg”

  1. Jim Smith Says:

    When do you expect to hear something about the funding? Can’t wait to start seeing pictures of the construction. Do you think it’s possible to break ground before the end of 2006?

  2. Laura Says:

    Deafhood is the buzz word across America. Can you share with us your viewpoint of Deafhood and the impact on future Laurent town.

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