New web site — A work in progress

We’ve consolidated our web hosting services into one simpler package, and we have moved away from (an excellent content management system) to WordPress — another excellent blog/content management system as well.

This site will be rather “plain” for time being. We are fully focused on the alternate plan for building world’s first sign language town, and each day has brought us concrete progress towards that goal.

In meantime, we are working on securing a sponsorship package with one of deaf/hard of hearing owned business for the non-profit, The Laurent Institute, and we hope to announce that soon. That will provide a much needed financial boost to the non-profit, and shortly after that, we will recruit board members for the organization.

Recommendations for board members are definitely welcome. Comment away!

6 Responses to “New web site — A work in progress”

  1. Grant Laird Jr Says:

    Hmmm — what’s wrong with Just wonder…

  2. marvmiller Says:

    Nothing, I love SquareSpace… we just decided to keep things simple and put everything on one web hosting service. With SquareSpace, you have to pay for two separate hosting services and maintain them separately. Maybe some day, SquareSpace can offer a complete package.


  3. mcconnell Says:

    How about buying out Gallaudet University?

  4. Tara Says:

    What’s the update? Has it started yet? Building anything yet? When will it be ready?

  5. Eric Says:

    Please give us updates on the town of Laurent. We’re anxious. Thanks.

  6. Robert Vizzini Says:

    Are you attending the Gallaudet protests in Washington DC? I believe those that want to see Gallaudet representing the deaf people more inclusively (bring ASL & Deaf Culture awareness to all students and faculty; require campus security, cafeteria staff, infirmary, office staff and maintenance workers to know sign language or have an interpreter; etc…) would like to see an equal community outside Gallaudet. That is Laurent, SD.

    While Laurent is the place we hope for… it can be a community where deaf children will want to visit, deaf families want to vacation at, retires want to move to, deaf employers want to conduct their business in their first language, and ASL teachers will recommend students to visit.

    If Gallaudet revolves in the protest positively, it furthers the possibility for Laurent at this time. It is far away and the Laurent Company may have schedule conflicts, but hopefully some effort will be made during this weekend’s homecoming if a visit at Gallaudet has not been made since the protests restarted last week.

    keep it up!
    Bob Vizzini

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