Swedish Deaf TV on Laurent

Perspektiv, a Swedish deaf TV program, broadcast their segment on Laurent yesterday.

Last June, reporters Juli af Klintberg and Anders par Johannson flew to New York City then traveled to South Dakota to film many stories ranging from interviewing deaf survivors of 9/11 to deaf fashion designer to our vision of building world’s integrated and accessible town in South Dakota.

It is fun to watch deaf TV programs in other languages… a fascinating study in similarities and differences.



4 Responses to “Swedish Deaf TV on Laurent”

  1. Scott H Says:

    The swedish video will not play. Quicktime says need software from their site but does not say which software. Do you know which software is needed? I have QT 7 already.

  2. Glen Says:

    I guess you’re on a Macintosh. If yes, you need Flip4Mac ( http://www.flip4mac.com/ )

    (Europe, Belgium, Antwerp)

  3. Scott H Says:

    Nope it is a PC w/ XP

  4. Deafgun Says:

    I have Win Media ctr, as well as the new QT I just downloaded. I cant play the clip either. I have updated all the Win drivers that applies to me…I.E. I did not download the Real_Estate, 3-D Drafting, or Apple drivers as they dont apply… Still get the msg of missing drivers. Only thing I can think of thats missing, is the codecs that the Swiss uses to play their version of QT, which is not compatible with the US version.

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