Thank you, Ella, Judy, Michael and Sonja

We received generous donations of a pristine Sony digital video camcorder from Ella M. Lentz and Judy Gough of Hayward, California when they visited us last week. We mentioned to them that our video camcorder broke down, and we’d need to raise a couple hundred dollars to buy a new one. They graciously gave us their video camcorder on the spot! They support our vision of building the signing community so strongly. Thank you.

Also, in a few weeks, we will be receiving two brand new Apple MacBook laptops for our office, thanks to generous donation of Michael and Sonja Miller of Oscoda, Michigan. This will allow all of us to work on Macs once again, and this will be a major productivity boost for us.

Donations like this keep us going, and we know you want this town built. Not soon, but like yesterday! We will be announcing some good things very soon.

Our reservation list now numbers at 161. The most recent addition is a hearing signer from La Meignanne, France. This is a testament to the vision of creating a barrier-free, signing friendly town that will empower our community to do more.

And, remember… you can help us by using Hawk Relay every day! The more people use their service, the more money The Laurent Institute will receive.

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