New Urbanism Links


How to find walkable communities? 

Congress on New Urbanism (Click on Tour) (General info and links)
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Town Planners & Architects

Nederveld Associates, Inc.

The Charrette Center

180 Deg Studios

Koch Hazard Architecture

Winter and Company Special Needs Studio

Dover, Kohl & Partners (Project Profiles)
Duany, Plater-Zyberk (DPZ)

House Designs
Traditional Neighborhood Design Homes

Universal Design article (Handicap Accessible)
Historical House Plans
New Urbanist Design Home Plans
Not So Big House (A must read!)

New Urban News
The Town Paper
Katarxis (General information and pictures)
Planetizen (News on smart growth)

Transportation (Mass Transit & Highways)
Railway Gazette
Tramways & Urban Transit
Highway Traffic Noise (Relevant to Laurent)

Charrette Information
National Charrette Institute
Charrette Center

Streets Section (Click on World Tour - Pixs!)

Relevant Information
Dark Sky Association (Reduce light pollution)
Town Builders Collaborative
Wikiverse: Laurent, S.D.


Order books by clicking on the links below and support The Laurent Institute, a non-profit community development organization.

Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream. A must read book giving you an excellent overview of why we have been building the wrong way for the last 50 years. Order now!

The Death and Life of Great American Cities. A book that truly changed our viewpoint on how to best build world-class cities. A classic and wonderful book. This is not a light reading book! Order now!

Search for more books on New Urbanism

Deaf & Signing Community Links
American Sign Language Teachers

ASL Access

CSD (Communication Services f/t Deaf)


Gallaudet University

National Association of the Deaf
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

South Dakota Association of the Deaf

The Tactile Mind